Dear Mom,

I love to see you happy
My life is even see your smile and hear your mommy voice
My breath is even know your healthy is good
My tired and an deep breath erased when meet you in the night

I can say that I don’t need anything else
Even if I don’t have everyone except you, it doesn’t matter
So, I beg you to accompany me with your healthy, mommy voice and your ‘natural’ smile

I know you love me, love me like I love you too
I know you have been passed badly life entire of your life, have been tricked and have been hurt
I know, in the night you always cry
But as your daughter, I told you just forget about that

Just a second, just thing about your girl and your boy
Just think about both of us, don’t even think anyone else
Just a second in every second of your life

I just beg you with rest of my breath, I just beg you mom
Being my lovely mom in everytime I see you
I know you can hear my voice, my heart deep voice, I sent this to your heart
I patiently wait for your reply
I love you mom.

Sincerely your lovely daughter,


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