More on expectations or the lack of it

Wouter Brandsma 荷蘭

photography, photograph, wouter brandsma, black and white, light, shadow, light and shadows, stroll photography, pentax, pentax k-3

I walked home tonight without my camera. Early March, but while the sun sets in it was still able to warm my face. No wind, the ear plugs bring the mellow tones of Formidable by Stromae into me. My thinking followed the gentle rhythm. I know that there are doubts within me, but life feels grant too. Especially now, especially now.

Oh yeah, it got me thinking. No, I don’t set resolutions for a new year. I don’t really have plans, no photography projects in mind. I got advices from others to change, thinking my photography was in decline. At some point though I started to believe so too. I needed a different pace, back to landscapes. In fact, I thought a dSLR would fit me again. Ricoh was so kind to sent me a loaner, a new Pentax K-3. They thought I would feel out of place with that…

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