The Purpose


I took this picture a year ago

Like sun has time to rises and sets, all human usually have the purpose of their life, excepts me. Ya, i don’t have any purposes in a year ago. Just asked “can you make me happy?”, just said “i want to be happy”, but i don’t know what should I do. So, what i have been reach for nineteen years of my life? What my goal? What i know about the life? There is something good that make me happy? I really don’t understand what i do in entire of my life, until i realize that i’m not happy been here. I try to asking and imagining what about other people, whether they feel same as me? I try to answer it myself, i answered “They happy in there, what they do just to be happy, smiling and laughing”. Ok, i just said, “I’m different than them”.

That day, i want to go somewhere. I feel so strong, very happy for the first time, i sat near window’s bus and saw the sky. About 1 pm, the sky is looks so good, there’s no brightly sun, there’s no black sky. There just good sky with very very nice cloud. I open the window, and act like in the movie, be actress who felt calm and peaceful. Ya, i just smiling when saw the cloud, i saw there’s shape like someone smiles to me, i saw bear smiles to me too, and more. Every shape of cloud was make me smile. I feel that God very love me, so He cheer me to make me up and feel that I’m quite valuable to be loved.

I got this conclusion, happy is simple, just be grateful in every moment of my life, just always positive thinking even if there’s no reason to be positive, but just do that! Just feel what you want to feel, not that they want to feel. I am I, they are they, I and them is different. I can’t say that you will be happy same as me, like my conclusion, because we are different. But, the equation is we are same as human, essentially we have same feel, the different is only choices and paradigm. I hope you can got the conclusion, not my conclusion, just use your heart and trying to be nice to your conscience. And i really happy if the end of our story will be happy.


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